Kabbalistic Astrology

This (in my eyes) dives deeper into things and explains the meaning and purpose behind them, than other astrological sources. Obviously, each of us experiences a variety of different circumstances, and therefore slightly varying in our cosmic influences. However, I find this particular body of knowledge quite right on the ball, in most cases.

FOR THE CANCERS (Waffle, EZ Lewis, etc.): Their physiognomy is generous and they often have faces somewhat on the round side. The weak point of their body is their fragile stomach. They have a difficult digestive system and are susceptible to ulcers. Cancers also suffer in psychological terms: they are prone to severe mood swings, from joy to sadness and back again within seconds, and they are easily roused to anger. This hypersensitivity allows them to empathize with their fellow beings and to quickly understand what others need or want: it also makes them very vulnerable. In fact, like their symbol (the crab), Cancers build a carapace around their sensitive hearts in the hope of protecting themselves from unwanted external influences. Unfortunately, this protection shield does not prevent them from suffering; we will soon come to understand why this sign of the zodiac carries the same name as that terrible disease which is so prevalent in our society.

Cancer is one of only two signs in the zodiac which receives the total influence of the heavenly body ruling it, Leo being the other.  The remaining 10 signs are governed by 5 planets; each sign sharing the energy of its ruling planet with one other sign. Cancer is the only sign ruled by the moon, the feminine aspect in our universe, while Leo is the only sign ruled by the sun, the masculine aspect. It is well known that the moon's influence on planet Earth is very strong, particularly on water. This influence is magnified even further since not only is Cancer a water sign but it represents the right column of that element, right column being water. Thus, the moon's energy is purely and completely manifested in Cancer. To understand the sign of Cancer, it is enough to observe the moon; every night it shows a different face as it passes through a 29/30 day cycle, from the merest sliver of light at the new moon to the roundness of a complete circle at the full moon. This is the root of Cancer's instability; every night the moon shows a different face/phase. Whenever Cancers go through a period of depression, which unfortunately they do quite often, they drag along those closest to them. We are reminded of the crab which holds things so firmly in its grip that it only lets go when its nipper is cut off. 

The moon is associated with the physical world of manifestation and finality, doubts and limitations. Cancers' major problem is that they live in constant fear. They worry about everything: money, tomorrow, their image, their family, their friends, their social standing. Everything that touches them, whether close by or far away, becomes a source of anxiety. Yet as long as it is not taken to extremes, this characteristic can make Cancers excellent business people since they take every negotiation seriously and make professional success their highest priority.

Cancers can be very insecure people. Nothing reassures them because they fear the unknown itself. To feel certainty, they would have to see, hear, touch, smell, and know everything about the future. Since this is not possible, they look to their material possessions and the physicality of this world to provide them with some form of comfort. Unfortunately, in this resides their folly. Our perception of physical reality is not only very limited, it is actually erroneous, since we only use our 5 senses to perceive it.

Cancers are also pessimists. They always look for the negative aspect in a situation and, of course, find it, therefore never happy. The fear loss, in every sense of the word, be it of an insignificant object or the esteem in which others hold them. They fear being misjudged and constantly seek reassurance and recognition. They are keen observers of other people's behavior, taking into account every movement or gesture, tirelessly looking for hints of trouble. At the same time, they are quite intuitive. However, they do not exploit this positive ability. In fact, in spite of their acute awareness of the needs of others, they only act if nobody else is there to help. Cancers can be reluctant to take risks, considering such activity suicidal. The future, with all its uncertainties, terrifies them. The past, on the other hand, is reassuring and they dive into it with great delight, hence their excellent memory. They seek refuge in the past, stubbornly refusing to abandon its security. However, by living in the past  and constantly reliving all their mistakes, Cancers who have a guilty conscience can become self destructive and withdraw into themselves, just like the crab.  

Cancers have a great desire to impart and their hypersensitivity certainly helps them ascertain what others need. However, if sharing means that they have to give up something or make an extra effort they will reconsider and even refuse to act. As we know, true sharing entails giving selflessly without a second thought. It means giving simply because the opportunity to do so is there. For Cancers there is a huge gap between their desire to impart and the actual act of giving. 

The sign of Cancer refers us to two concepts. The animal and the disease. First let's look at the animal. The most notable aspect of a crap is the way it moves. Advancing sideways. Each step to the side must be followed with catch up steps before another step (sideways) can be taken. There is no continuity in the crab's movement. Whereas all other animals, as well as humans, are able to maintain a constant forward motion. In addition, the crab carries its entire weight on just one side. Thereby adding to its unfortunate disequilibrium. Crabs cannot balance their movements, just as Cancers cannot balance their mood. 

Now let us look at the disease. Cancer is the generic term given to any inexplicable cellular disorder. The human body is comprised of an enormous amount of individual cells. Each one has its own particular role. But together they form an orchestrated whole. Once a number of cells leave this system, in other words escape its control, the system collapses. Doctors say that happy people do not suffer from cancer. And at least in the USA one of the treatments used to combat it involves showing patients comic movies. Why? What is the connection between this terrible illness and a lack of good humor. We often see that even positive generous people are also afflicted by this illness. So there appears to be no rules that determine who will and who won't get cancer. It's a question of chance. Or of lifestyle. Conventional medicine treats cancer by removing either the tumor or the entire diseased organ, but unfortunately the illness often reoccurs at a later date. That's because cancer is an effect, not a cause. 

The Zohar tells us that if a person  has good intentions but fails to enact them, the positive energy of their promises becomes a negative force, which manifests itself one way or another. 
Remember, in this world energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed. We all have the opportunity to reveal light through our positive actions but if we fall short of our promises or abilities, we act, actually create a lack, a pocket of negativity. A cancer.

Whether it is the sign, the animal, or the illness, we can find in all three a common factor. a lack of circuitry or continuity, we must understand that this universe behaves according to very precise laws based on the desire to receive and the desire to impart. Humankind's work is to balance these two desires through restriction (self discipline) in order to establish a continuous circuit. But that is precisely what the three manifestations of cancer lack. Without restriction there is no continuity. And without continuity, energy cannot flow. The filament or resistance in a bulb determines the amount of light revealed. The greater the resistance the stronger the light. 
What kind of restrictions do Cancers have to practice in order to be happy, to create a circuit of energy in their lives? First and foremost they must trust the Creator and not rely on the physicality of this universe. The only riches truly capable of satisfying us are not material. Love, health, security, even power, are humanity's deepest aspirations and these are all concepts, not material objects. 

Anxiety, not having trust in the future, relying only on materialistic things: these are illusions of our physical world. If Cancers are full of anguish, sadness, and fear, it is because they invest their energies where there is no return. They are right to be afraid because they haven't made the right choices and do not appreciate what they have. It is not a question of denying the material world, but of recognizing its limitations. Our 5 senses perceive no more than 5% of reality, making them very limited tools indeed. Yet Cancers base their understanding and judgement on these tools exclusively, w/o allowing the slightest space for the remaining 95% of reality. 

Whenever we discover a problem, our natural reaction is to ask for immediate relief. However, easy and immediate solutions only lead to temporary relief. There is always a reason why a particular problem surfaces at a particular time. It is always an opportunity for us to work on ourselves, to make a correction, to create permanent change. Cancers must learn to take the long term view, eliminate doubts and fears, and take action,. 

A Cancer's kindred spirit is an Earth sign. But a Capricorn can genuinely help a Cancer the most. 

FOR THE SCORPIOS (Zabala, Bechtel, Mauricio, etc.): We have not appeared in the universe merely by chance. We have all come into this world for the precise purpose of carrying out our correction. In order to accomplish this, we can either become more spiritually aware from the inside, or some external "twist of fate" will lead us to an understanding of our correct path. The universe, like any other community or country, has laws by which it is governed.Therefore, while we humans have indeed been given free will and the right to do as we please, we are an integral part of this universe and are subject to its laws. therefore, the consequences of our actions are always waiting for us, around the corner.

The sign of scorpio is rule by mars, the planet of war. However, this does not mean that scorpios are courageous. It's just that the mere idea of having a confrontation excites and motivates them. As soon as they sense danger, they go into high gear, ready for any encounter. And when scorpios strike, the first blow goes straight to the heart.

Scorpio is a water sign and represents the left column of that element, namely fire. Therefore what we have to deal with here is BOILING WATER! Scorpios are a living paradox: water is the symbol of sharing and mercy, while fire is the symbol of judgement. In a scorpio, these opposing attributes are intimately connected, but there is neither resistance nor balance between them. Representing boiling water, scorpios are constantly under pressure. The fire in them makes them IMPULSIVE. They have little patience and deny themselves the time to think things through before they act. They have to do everything at once. Consequently they tend to make mistakes, which puts them under even greater pressure.

As we know, water can be very  dangerous if not resting in a steady state. Scorpios who cannot master the effects of water fall under the influence of their emotions and lose all sense of reason. If you watch two drops of water flowing towards each other you will notice that, as soon as they touch, they become one. Only water has this molecular property to interconnect and create a total union, which is what gives it so much power.

Needless to say, scorpios have a unique personality. They appear cold and reserved while at the same time emanating a powerful magnetism, wherein lies their charm. They can be bewitching, even hypnotizing. When you meet a scorpio, you know instantly that this is a person to be reckoned with; you can feel their energy immediately. As soon as they arrive, they set about making changes, causing upheavals, and their determination is rivaled only by their impatience. In their presence you experience a feeling of attraction, but also of uneasiness, all the more so because you cannot clearly define it.

Scorpios are strong, both spiritually and physically, and are endowed with an extraordinary amount of energy. However, scorpios must decide whether to transfer this energy through positive or negative channels since they have the strength and the willpower to attain whatever goals they set themselves. Scorpios are very independent and love to work in secret. They hate to be dominated. If such a situation were ever to develop, it would only be short lived since scorpios do not feel comfortable unless they are in control and have the upper hand.

According to the Book of Formation, every zodiac sign is associated with a certain part of the human body. It is not by chance that the region related to scorpio is the sexual organs, that portion of the anatomy which so powerfully influences human behavior. During sexual intercourse an enormous amount of energy is manifested because sexual union creates life itself. Scorpios of both genders are often deemed "sexy," and women scorpios can be the famous "femmes fatales." However scorpios, in particular, must remember that without balance, without restriction, sex becomes a vulgar and destructive act.

FOR THE LEOS (Shoog, Purvis, J9, etc.) : our weak point is the heart and we are prone to cardiovascular illnesses. the heart is one of the most vital organs in the body. it is the pump that supports the whole physical organism. our role in the world is comparable to the heart inside the body. we have been given the responsibility of pumping out and distributing all the energy we receive. 

leo is the only sign of the zodiac to receive its energy directly from the sun, the star at the center of our solar system around which all the planets revolve. the sun is the life-giving source of energy here on earth, conferring its blessings on each and every one of us. in kabbalah, the sun represents Zeir Anpin (small face). a world on a higher plane than our physical one which links us to the infinite light. 

even though the sun reveals its entire energy force during this month, Av is still considered a negative month. why? because the more positive the energy available in the universe, the stronger the negativity can be. the sun has curative powers which are essential to life on earth; however too much sun can burn, even destroy. the month of Av is negative only to the extent that we are unable to channel its powerful energy. as long as we remain positive, we can be an effective channel for the enormous amount of energy manifested in the universe during this time. 

the energy received by leos comes directly, unfiltered from the sun, and is manifested in that Leonine self-assurance. leos believe the whole world revolves around them. powerful opportunities come their way throughout their lifetime and the energy they in turn generate is enormous, because they perceive themselves this way. confident in their own power, they communicate it to the whole world. 

leo is a fire sign and represents the left column of this element, namely the fire's fire. fire is judgement, lack of mercy. influenced by the insatiability of fire, leos are constantly on the move; their actions and reactions are very quick and there is no time to waste. however, if their actions are not spiritually motivated, they will get badly burned and burn those around them as well. 

leos are hard to ignore; their appearance is generally distinguished, even imposing, and they tend to be the centre of attention. leos often behave like omnipotent kings, demanding respect from every member of the court. if they are treated impolitely, or slighted in any way, they openly show their displeasure and retaliate swiftly. the offending person will simply be dismissed. having a great deal of pride, leos do not place their trust easily and rely only on themselves. leos never ask for help from anybody simply because they never need it. although they themselves never listen to anybody else, a leo is convinced they are the perfect person to help others, and that the advice given so freely is both welcomed and heeded. they are honest, but domineering, and their manners are sometimes on the rough side. they may act like an arrogant, all-knowing father surrounded by ignorant little children. 

leos can be quite envious but, unlike scorpios who suffer from knowing what others possess, leos simply strive to have at least the same, if not more, than others. they want everything and their enormous desire to receive urges them to act. at the same time, leos can be quite generous. however, their susceptibility to flattery induces them to reward those who acknowledge them, while ignoring those who show indifference. thus, leos can be bought; a few well placed compliments and they will be eating out of your hand. their generosity is actually proof of their self-confidence: they will happily spend all their money today, certain they will earn it all back tomorrow. 

being natural leaders, leos tend to organize those around them, even when nobody has asked for their opinion. on the other hand, however, they will not allow anybody to influence their own private lives. this is why we find so many leos engaged in politics and education, not to mention in leadership positions in the corportate world (yuck!). however, it is interesting to note that, on closer examination, leos often choose professions that do not require much personal investment (such as taxi driving). if they are smart, leos usually make sure that they have plenty of time to rest, which is all they are really looking for. though they may not show it, at heart, leos are actually quite lazy (like lions). 

like their namesake, leos are never alone. they have a talent for choosing wise counsel, and always manage to have efficient and worthy partners in their lives. they never waste time and, being much more rational than aries, they will first seek to neutralize an obstacle before demolishing it. 

in hebrew, leo is called arye. this word is made up of 4 letters, to remind us of the 4 elements: water, fire, air, and earth. in order to act positively, leos must come to understand that they are neither the centre of the universe, nor kings of the jungle. they cannot impose their will merely on a whim. 

leos have been entrusted with great power so as to lead people on the path of enlightenment, not to satisfy their own egos. they must share their energy and care for others. they must understand that they are not necessarily the best looking, the most intelligent, the most powerful; rather, they have simply received certain advantages to assist them in making their correction. leos do not deserve their privileged position; furthermore, if they want to keep it, they must use it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          selflessly without "burning" their surroundings. they must be attentive to others and open to the possibility that somebody else might be right. unfortunately for leos, the greater their abilities, the stronger the delusion that their earthly gifts are due entirely to their own genius. therefore, throughout their lifetimes, leos will face situations which will put their pride to the test. 

strength in itself is not negative; people want leaders to show them the way. but just as there is a need for leaders, there is also a need for subordinates. each position manifests something different and everyone has their own role to play. the light cannot reveal itself without a vessel to receive it. 

leos must not pursue honor or respect, for nothing is owed to them. only the light gives them what they have. they have created nothing by themselves and there is no place for vanity when they succeed. the light is everywhere and for everyone. therefore, for leos to be a positive channel, they must share the energy that has been granted them. the true value of leos is thus measured by their deeds. if they give help anonymously, genuinely sharing without looking for personal benefit or glory, then and only then have they overcome their pride. more than any other sign, leo's generosity must be totally altruistic. nothing they give belongs to them anyway. the only true choice they have concerns the motivation for their actions; namely, is it "for the self alone" or is it "in order to share?" this is where we find the difference between a corrected and a primitive leo.

leo, being fire, finds their perfect match among the air signs: gemini, libra, and aquarius. however, there is a preference for aquarians since they tend to have that free and pioneering spirit. fire signs are the only ones able to harmonize with other signs of the same element; therefore, an aries or sagittarius may also make a good partner for a leo. however, if a coupling were made of two leos, the planet itself would not be large enough to contain the fire of their contending passions.