Friday, November 14, 2008

To travel on a shoestring.....
 the ultimate purpose in life. Or at least the best way to discover its meaning. I am devastatingly disappointed when I look at this map. By now I should have seen at least 50% of the world. Daily I have fleeting thoughts of just running away from NYC with nothing but a toothbrush, a journal, and a change of clothes in my backpack. One of these days. Perhaps when my DMV points reach their limit and my license gets suspended. I'll simply pack up and walk the docks in search of a ship that would allow me to cross the ocean in exchange for keeping the bathrooms clean or something. And once I get there it'll be nothing but hitch hiking, scavenging, odd jobs, and couch surfing through as many countries as humanly possible.


  1. In the '60s hitchhiking was socially acceptable. Today if you do that you're a serial killer or escaped convict. So what you could do is just get a job at an airline. That's another way to see the world. Or get in your cab, take a fare to Jersy, and just keep driving. When you get to the end of I-80 you'll be in San Francisco.

  2. did you just take me to brooklyn?

  3. yes i believe i did just take you to brooklyn. you must be one of the two bartenders with separate stops. you all were my last passengers of the night. it was bedtime after that.


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