Thursday, April 9, 2009


These pictures were taken by Sunny Shokrae, a professional photographer who came on board the cab to gather material on behalf of Danielle Friedman, a journalism student at Columbia who has been interviewing cabdrivers (including me) for a story about how we feel about TAXI TV. Obviously, we are not OK with the same obnoxious blurbs being repeated each time a new passenger gets in. In case you didn't already know, the person in the 2nd picture is Jenine Bressner (mi enamorada). She was riding along with me that day.


  1. BrittLee Bowman4/10/2009

    A quite enjoyable read. And the photo of you and Jenine is adorable.

  2. Marielena Gomez4/10/2009

    You look so happy. It is good to see life in the making. :) Carry on with greatness.

  3. Nicole Gugliotti4/10/2009

    i have to say it. you and jenine are freaking adorable. as always, thanks for the update!

  4. Damn, Gil, you're looking hotter than the girl in the Flashdancers ad.

  5. But more to the point, what are the conclusions about Taxi TV and mental health so far?

  6. Amanda Lucci4/13/2009

    oh gil i have to tell you. I have never met your new partner but I stayed at her house once in Rhode Island a few years ago during the anarchist bookfair. She was not there at the time but I remember being very impressed with her shelves upon shelves of crafting books! You guys look so cute together! It sounds like you are doing well and I hope you are. I recently moved to Santa Fe but I will be back and forth between there and New York over the year. We should hang out, maybe drink mate, this summer when I'll be around for more than a week.

  7. Amadeo4/13/2009

    hi gil!
    thanks for the lovely pics of you and Jenine. you look happy, thats good!

  8. Brandon4/13/2009

    Hey man greetings from florida,
    your looking good in those pictures... haha. it looks like its getting warmer over there. its also geting pretty hot over here and raining a good bit. I just got a motorcycle, so the warm weather is good to ride in.
    Anyways, great to here from you and i hope all is well with the family. that thing about hybrid vehicles emitting more CO2 is pretty interesting. take care

  9. Orly Avineri4/15/2009

    Thank you Gilgoosh..great pictures..especially of you two darling ones..too sweet..
    and thank you for the personal update..I really enjoyed reading it.

  10. What a winning smile you have, viewed from the backseat of the cab!


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