Monday, August 3, 2009


I tripped on a few of my words, but I still had a chance to be a voice in the massively variegated, yet little known world of taxi drivers.... though there are probably very few other cabbies who feel the same way about cabsharing as me. I appear about halfway through the clip, starting at 1:20. In response to the reporter's question, I simply try to say that all New Yorkers and visiting guests of every socioeconomic status should feel like they have financial access to taxicabs as often as the wealthy elite seem to.

If someone higher up on the ladder would relinquish some of the fortune they make off of the NYC taxi industry, perhaps drivers could make an income more in line with their grueling efforts, and other hardworking people wouldn't have to limit their taxi rides to the days they're late for work. But none on top would sacrifice for the greater good, so at least maybe a plan like this might help. And it would benefit the environment.


  1. That's AWESOME and this grand plan!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jack Vrooman8/04/2009

    you stud!

  3. Nate Newman8/04/2009

    Gilley Fore! You’re famous man.

  4. Anonymous8/04/2009

    Cool... I will post to my son's wall, for his friends at NYU

  5. Yay, Gil! It was great seeing you! Have you been to Israel? A sherut is a cross between a bus and a cab, it's a big shared cab - very cool.

  6. a shared cab is more fuel efficient in theory, but I fear that these rides will send cabs for longer periods in stalled traffic, and as more riders take less cabs there will be more taxis driving aimlessly making no money and wasting gas. If they really want more efficiency they need to restructure the entire system.

    I agree with you on your succinct statement that the people making the money on the top of the scale in the taxi industry should share some of that wealth so the drivers don't need to work so hard. I feel that the business is booming, but the worker is left out in the profit scale.

  7. Great stuff Gil !! Fame is on the way !! However, how many no shows of the other client that is to share the profit will affect this plan.The hubs I like but that web partnering rides I think will fail.

  8. Brandon8/06/2009

    Dude, can i get your autograph?!
    The only time I've been in a cab is with you, but I do like that "cab sharing" idea.

  9. Congrats Gil! I got to watch it with my roommate who has seen your photo on our living room wall for months.

    hope you are well.

  10. hey Gil whatsup man sounds like your into some interesting stuff, you rock.

  11. Antoinette8/07/2009

    Dear Gil,
    Good to hear from you! And how nice to see you in the clip.. I agree with you on the subject, by the way.

    How are you? And are you still planning to go to San Francisco in the end of August/beginning of September?

    If not, we would like it to ask you to be part of our recordings, as a taxi driver.

    We are looking for someone who could give our main guest a ride from the airport (we want to film this ride). This man is an extraordinary person, that normally leads an extremely sober an simple life in Holland. We’ll take him with us to New York. It will be his first time in a plane and his first time in a city as big as New York! Big contrasts, a man like him in a city like New York! We’ll film his visit to the city. We are looking for a cab driver that wants to pick him and my colleague (with a camera) up at the airport, when he just arrives in NY and bring him to his hotel in Manhattan. We’ll see his first impressions and off course we like it to chat with the taxi driver about this. (On camera) I was hoping you would want to do this, because I think you are a very friendly and people-minded taxi driver with a good atmosphere in your cab. Off course we’ll pay for the ride and if needed we’ll compensate for extra expenses. This will be on Friday August 21st.

    The second thing, is that we need a yellow cab for the leader of our TV program. We’ll need a cab that drives along some highlights in NY with a small (fake, made of paper) dog behind the window. (Our tv program is called Man Bites Dog, that’s why our mascot is a dog). I don’t exactly know how long this will take, I think maybe two hours. This will be on Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd of August.

    Please let me know what you think about this! I hope to hear from you soon,

    Very best wishes,

  12. Nice, Gil! It's a great idea, and much of the world is already doing it.

  13. Poncho8/13/2009

    I love the idea. In DC taxi sharing wasn't even an option, if the driver picked-up someone on the way you just scoot over. I don't think it has to be so complicated with web sites and planned routes. Just pick up folks on the way. The only problem I found with the story is that the lady called you "Jil".
    Will you be one of the luck drivers to start the program? Keep me up dated.


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