Monday, October 19, 2009

MORE TESTIMONIALS: extension of the last post

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to let you know that Gil Avineri picked my husband, myself and our baby up last week to go to LaGuardia Airport.

He was so helpful in getting us settled in the car with the baby and carseat, helped us with our luggage, and was extremely courteous. He was the best taxi driver I think I ever had in NYC and I have lived here all of my life. He was a careful driver, had pleasant conversation and was very interesting.
Most of all, it was raining and he drove very carefully and made me feel very safe, which is often NOT the case in a taxi.
I would recommend him for whatever you need.
Thank you.

Risa Morley-Medina


To whom it may concern:

I entered Gil Avineri’s taxi yesterday afternoon (10/14/09) for a ride from 37th Street & Fifth Avenue down to Bond Street. He drove safely, and properly, and got me there in perfect fashion. He was also quite polite, and professional. I wish all cab driver’s were like that.
Adam Wolfson

Wolfson Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
9 East 37th Street (4th Floor)
New York, NY 10016

Dear Sir,
I had a very enjoyable cab ride this morning. Gil is very professional and might be the best cab driver I have ever had.

Matthew Somers 917 364 2344


It was a pleasure riding in your Taxi this morning. Even though the weather conditions were poor, I was able to comfortably read my blackberry because of your measured and steady driving.


To whom it may concern:

Just wanted to say what a pleasant cab ride I had today with Mr. Gil
Avineri. He picked me up in Brooklyn and took me to La Guardia
airport. Not only did he drive safely and courteously, but he even
pointed out different NY spots of interest along the way. He was very
polite as well. If I could call ahead for a specific cab driver I'd
call for Gil!
Liz Harris

great driver, very friendly and knowledgeable of the area!
Tamecia Williams

I am endlessly impressed by the amounts of professionalism and pride you take in your work. Your courtesy, eagerness, and precision are unparalleled, even compared to cabbies who have been at it for decades. Your predilection towards geography and cartography are what propel you from a great cabbie into a SuperCabbie. Your knowledge of places and the efficient routes between them should be a shining example for all cabdrivers. I hope NYC never loses you to London, where skillful drivers are the rule, and are respectfully appreciated.
-Jenine Bressner

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