Friday, March 26, 2010


Cabdriving feels like the inverse of hitchhiking. Instead of waiting for a ride, I'm always looking for someone to pick up. The entire day is like a baton race from ride to ride, to earn a measure of money or distance.

As a hitchhiker, I would put out my hand similarly to how my fares hold out their own to call my attention. Both sides begin as strangers, possibly becoming friends in a symbiosis. In my experience hitchhiking I've always encountered kind, generous, and accomodating people. Beyond rides, I've received guided tours, food, even shelter without even asking for it.

I try to make sure that my passengers experience an inviting hospitality, just as I've been given by many strangers on two different continents (thus far.) Returning the favors I've been paid is a priority for me. Don't forget to pay yours forward!

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