Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This man, ex-governor of New York state, hailed my cab on Columbus Day. He was only going about 20 blocks down Fifth Avenue and I didn't utter a word. I didn't want to embarrass him. Then again, I've been told he's over the whole scandal and that he now has his own CNN show. I just want people to feel comfortable in my taxi. If celebrities want to get noticed, they go to L.A.. If they want to feel anonymous, they stay in New York City. So you're Eliot Spitzer. So what?

What's ironic is that the man who took his place, Governor Patterson, has vetoed the amendment that was passed by both congress and senate, making it a felony to assault a taxi driver. He thought the legislation was too complicated. WTF? I wonder if Spitzer would have vetoed it too. I didn't feel much warmth from the guy anyway.

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