Monday, May 16, 2011


One of the only worthwhile blurbs I've ever heard come out of the taxi television screen that nags incessantly with ads behind my head 12 hours a day is the moment they announce three 'super foods' one should eat. I quickly jot these down and stop by at my local produce stand to seek them out after my shift. The last six mentioned were kale, butternut squash, greek yogurt, quinoa, spinach, and cherries. I've ended, once-and-for-all, my deathly fear of cooking. I've always chopped, peeled, and washed dishes on behalf of whoever decided to cook, but I nearly never ventured beyond that. The past few weeks I've been steaming and sauteing dinner for myself quite often. I'm still afraid of offering to share it with others, since I doubt it entices taste buds. I 'eat to live' much more so than I 'live to eat', and I have a new habit of grinding flax and dumping it on my food, along with generous amounts of cayenne powder. By the way, I think beets are my current, hard-to-beat favorite. I steam them with the skin and stems still on. I've heard beet greens are packed with even more nutrients than the beets themselves. That makes the common practice of tossing them out quite preposterous.


  1. Anonymous5/17/2011 the time you come around here again I will expect a delicious healthy beautiful colorful, super power dish cooked by the fantastic Mr. Gil...

  2. Anonymous6/10/2011


  3. Like the photos and stories. I recently started a cab blog about driving in San Diego. Do check it out if you get a chance. I love the night shots, I shoot a bit after hours myself as well.

    I linked back to your site.

    - Henry


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