Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oral Histories

A few months ago two historians contacted me about a project they were embarking on as postgraduate students at New York University. Margaret and Samantha wanted to interview a few of Gotham's cabbies for an oral history exhibit. I felt humbled, honored, and delighted to participate. They also happened to be interested in using some of my taxi-related journal art. As any overly self-conscious person would tell you, I've listened to my interview and found it to be slightly on the dorky side, especially in comparison to all the other interviews. I have a similar feeling about the chosen journal images. I almost chose not to bother sharing these links with anyone I know, but I decided that would be taking the human agency right out of your hands (ears and eyes), so I'll let you form your own opinions. Besides, the other cabbies involved in this project deserve exposure, on behalf of the thousands of other cabbies whose voice can't be heard (unless you get in their cab).

This is the page in which they explain the gist of the project:

This is their digital exhibit: Not Just A Job

The journal bits they chose to include and a list of the 8 chosen cabdrivers:

My own personal oral history can be heard on this page:

Within the context of a bigger picture:

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  1. Anonymous7/01/2011

    You are one of the most fascinating people I know, have the most fascinating stories to tell, Mr. Cab driver.
    I have no more words...I loved this interview, and the whole project is very interesting.


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