Sunday, December 18, 2011

Minuses and Pluses

A question for the state government: What's with this new "Sales Tax" ? As of a few shifts ago taxi drivers have been paying $4.75 more per shift to lease a cab. I thought the odds you (and other entities who want a slice of our pathetic little pie) stacked against our livelihoods couldn't get any higher. The management at my garage could not answer why it's even called a Sales Tax. Thanks for bursting my sensibility bubble. Passengers have no idea about this. They wouldn't know how much we paid in the first place. Let alone how the whole taxi system works for drivers. I invite anyone to come along for part or all of a shift, front seat, like a copilot, and see for yourself. Or at least just click on the pic to enlarge the evidence.

Next question goes out to the credit card technology folks. Why does the passenger screen pop a "Thank You" in the middle of a transaction, before it's authorized? Passengers often mistakenly believe it means they've already been charged, whether they're sober or drunk. They look at me and respond as if I'm a lying crook when I tell them my screen says "swipe again" or "card error" or "declined" or "not approved." Please prevent the back screen from thanking them prematurely. Thank you.

A shout out to Amadou, 9M86's steady night driver, for always making my shift start full blast with Senegalese talk radio on 930 am, soon as I turn the ignition. I love listening to that language, though I don't understand. A minute later I'm flushed with frustration and hooking up my FM transmitter on 95.1 to treat my passengers to my own homemade radio station of 1400 mp3 hymns of every imaginable culture and genre.


  1. Hi there -- based on your medallion # -- think I might have left a backpack in your cab last night around 8:35 pm last night (Friday 12) -- drop off at w 84 and riverside.
    If so -- could you let me know at -- thanks so much

  2. Dear MAT1, I have not driven a cab since March. Besides that, I have not had a steady cab assigned to me since 2008 or so. Meaning that when I do drive a cab, it's a different cab every shift. Therefore the medallion number doesn't tell you much. Also, if you are referring to the medallion number I mentioned in this particular post, I don't think you understood the context. I drive day shift. Not evenings. Perhaps call the taxi garage at 718 858 3502 and give them the details. Much luck with your backpack.


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