Monday, January 18, 2010

Around Brooklyn

1. FISHING FOR L TRAIN PEOPLE: Hovering on Bogart with crossed fingers.
UNSPOKEN UNITY: cab yields to cheese bus at crossroads of Bill, Wick, and Stuy.
KHASSIDIC CORRIDOR: Quasi-public transport from far southwestern WB to Boro Park.
4. HONORABLE GUEST: global hitchhiking connoisseur Guillaume C.
5. WILLY BEE BRIDGE: corner of South 6th and Kent at dusk.
6. KEAP AND HOPE: remarkably wholesome graffiti mural in Williamsburg.


  1. the hassidic shot, quite a catch

    and right where you're looking for fares.. I want to live there so bad, is that where the morgan stop is, right by the 24 hr health food store?

  2. indeed that is the spot. and it ain't a bad zone to live in. make your dreams happen.


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