Tuesday, January 26, 2010

McGuinness Management

Beautiful twilight sky, contrasted with the dark starkness of the taxi lot.
That pole in the back resembles a minaret in the distance if you use your peripheral imagination.

Notice the three different hues of emanating light in the background:
Amber streetlights. Isolated florescent apartment windows.
And a subtle glow of urban purple in the predawn skies.

Exhaust pipes leaning haphazardly against an exterior wall.
And in the foreground an old taxicab partition with a hole cut out in the shape of a TV screen.

Seems as if the taxicab's jaw was torn wide open.
Chassis and wheels below. Everything else left suspended in mid air. Looks painful.
What could possibly call for such violence. Reminds me of a Colombian necktie.

Mikey and I hanging out between our two parked taxicabs in the Meatpacking District around 4 A.M.
He only works on the weekends. I miss his cellular support on the weekdays.

Mode of transportation to go pickup a taxicab before a shift: BICYCLE!

The one half inside the garage looks kind of like an optical illusion of....
....two different cabs, because of the lighting.

Junior Pulaski Auto Repair across the street.
They lease the space from Gus, the Greek magnate who owns a vast ocean of taxicabs,
real estate, and the nearby gas station where we are required to fill up our tanks at shift's end.
You know that game, Monopoly? Us hacks are the playing pieces.
The race car, wheelbarrow, sack of money, horse and rider, shoe, dog....
....train, battleship, cannon, thimble, top hat, and iron.... all rolled into one!

A video clip of cabdriver, garage owner, and taxi dispatcher arguing over money issues.


  1. Anonymous1/29/2010

    Loved to read your interpertation of your own pictures...I enjoyed them as they are...very good pictures Gil...

  2. Maybe you can help me find the garden of Eden?

    Up here in Boston I have heard of a mythical NYC Taxi cab garage that will completely take apart a worn out taxi and rebuild it to make it last another 100,000 miles for $500-700. I have heard about this place several times from several different people but no one can ever give me the phone number.
    Depending on who is telling the story the garage mechanics are either Seiks or Chinamen and the garage is either in Brooklyn or Queens. If you ever hear of something like this please let me know?

  3. Anonymous2/23/2010

    Yeah, it's been a month...new words are missed...
    XOXOrly (:


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