Monday, April 5, 2010


Emilie Gossiaux and I accomplished the impossible task of transporting a very oddly shaped sculpture she made, from Cooper Union to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
It fit perfectly around the roof cone of my cab. It could not have been done without her sense of certainty and trust. Emilie has been one of my sister's closest friends since high school (in Florida). They're pictured above. Lizette Avineri (on the right) has been studying fashion design
at Parsons for three years and Emilie (left) has been at Cooper Union for Fine Arts (same amount of time). I consider them both my little sisters.


  1. Dan in Ann Arbor11/29/2011

    Emilie... Incredible story.

  2. I hope Emilie is doing well. It's been a while since the accident but I only recently heard about it. I wish I could talk to Emilie because the whole story is incredible and for someone who is as passionate about art as me, her or you Gil, it's inspiring and full of hope. I'm a 23 year old in boston. I love photography and sculpture.


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