Thursday, May 27, 2010

Might As Well Be.....

.....a chain of islands. This map makes the West Bank look almost likethe Philippines. It's the current, most fragmentized version of a Palestinian state yet.... and it's reality, except that if the blue parts of the map were actually water, its citizens could fish. Instead, the blue is the whole of present Israel, including both Israel itself and colonized swaths of the occupied territory. Instead of coastline, there are massive walls. Instead of seafood, there are plots of fertile farmland that people can't reach and tend to, and sustain themselves with. Hey, don't blame me! I voted for the one-state solution. One world rather, to be shared by all people. Information about the origin of this imagined map can be found on a neat cartographic blog that I just discovered, which I found through yet another neat cartographic blog.

Map Credit #1: Julien Boussac/ Atlas Du Monde Diplomatique. Map Source #2: Afroasiatic German/ Wikipedia


  1. Anonymous5/30/2010

    Quite disturbing...the map up there...

  2. I have heard the news about how an Irish aid ship was attacked !
    Gaza, blockaded. You would thing that this reagon would be the most peaceful areaa in the world.
    So important to so many religons.
    Peace, goodwill among men


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