Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ad for a Pinball Machine

I can relate to the trail mix of characters on the sidewalk and the driver's jaded, million-mile stare. I have always said that driving a cab is like being the twisted combination of a cruising pinball, a jagged, relentless tetromino in the game Tetris, and Pac-Man himself. An endless cycle of chasing, being chased, and having to think quick on your mental feet, with as much efficiency as humanly possible. It's a real-life, non-video game addiction that takes years to overcome. The problem is that it also qualifies as a job. One that you wake up from nightmares about. You're asleep in bed, but you think you're driving asleep on the wheel. When you wake up with your knuckles suddenly clenched in front of you and your toes pressing forcefully into an imaginary brake pedal, you know it's time to take a vacation. And I just discovered that the board game below even exists. I hope I have a chance to sit down and play it with friends some day.

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