Friday, June 18, 2010


I only lived there for the very first month of my life,
yet for some reason it contains a large chunk of my heart,
tucked away inside an Andean valley of everlasting springtime,
on the northernmost reaches of the world's longest continental mountain range.

A short bus ride away from the axis of world-renowned coffee cultivation.
Just 60 miles east of the Pacific and 80 miles south of the Caribbean.
Colombia's 2nd metropolis and the world's 91st urban agglomeration.

An historical hub of oxen and mule path networks for cocoa farms.
Now the industrial capital of Colombia and orchid capital of the world.
Home of South America's first kidney transplant.
Affability and diligence are the qualities of its people.

Oh, and did I mention that it is Fernando Botero's home town?
He's the self-proclaimed "most Colombian of Colombian artists."
Famous for situational portraiture of proportionally exaggerated figures.

Did you guess which city yet?

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