Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Freedom to Uncertainty

If only I had the privilege of creating my own schedule as I go along, from day to day. That is how it used to be before the taxi industry became saturated with so many new drivers that the lease depots gained the upper hand. Before the economic downturn, taxi garages were begging us to come in and lease their cabs, at times even offering us discounts. Now they impose a strict schedule upon us that undubitably includes both days of every weekend.

Sure, I can call in before a shift and ask the dispatcher not to reserve me a cab because I have matters to attend to, but each time I do this my risk of being given the boot by the garage altogether becomes greater. They now have the power to simply eject me from the list, because there are so many drivers without cabs to drive. Now this is all just my impression. In reality I don't exactly know what goes on behind the scenes. I just don't want to be left without an income at a time that I'm trying to save up and travel across the sea. It would have been nice, however, to explore that camp out on the beach.

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