Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hackneyed Peepholes

#1+2. At 6:50 A.M. on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, the best deli- sandwich- maker stepped out from behind his counter to feed the pigeons scraps of yesterday's bagels. He lovingly tore each one into pieces and tossed them, spaced neatly apart, onto the sidewalk and street. His boss came outside from behind the register and scolded him for this, saying, "Allah is in charge of feeding the pigeons-- NOT YOU." After the boss stepped back inside I reassured the best deli- sandwich- maker on Bedford that what he was doing was superb and inspiring. We agreed: these are creatures and that all creatures must eat. What was I doing there? Waiting for a miracle fare back into Manhattan.

#3. Poor cabdriver. Seems to be an owner-operator. Someone must have slammed on their brakes in front of him. Driving through Times Square is an ironic experience. All the flashing lights are intended to make you look around and be dazzled, but not while you're driving.

#4. Outside the JFK taxi lot-- an emergency delivery of spare parts, fresh off the CARcass!

#5. An outdoor piano at McCarren Park quietly awaits the next passerby to play.


  1. love the piano shot, and thanks again for the tips for Sunday, it wouldn't have been so fun and profitable without it, especially that L.E.S. fare you gave me which led to me finding the NWK. How'd my advice for you taking the upper roadway of 59th st bridge fare that day? did you get there alright?

    I'll post the picture we took in Greenpoint in a post later int he week, an oddity in my usual routine, as my pictures are backlogged almost a year.


  2. your bridge advice hit the nail right on the head. i slipped right into midtown whereas if you had not warned me i would have gotten stuck approaching the normal upper level and then slow traffic on the lower. thanks for letting that mutual shot of us jump in line. i can't wait to see it up in all its glory. pleasure doing business and camaraderie with you sir.


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