Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spread 2 of Primavera 05

Maps of area codes have always intrigued me with the way they reveal how lightly or heavily populated certain regions are, or at least the volume of requests for phone numbers. It's amazing how states as large as Montana and Wyoming have only one area code for the entire state, while the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Miami each have around seven of them. Some would say that if art isn't about life, then it's worthless.... that art for art's sake is b.s.. I have no comment, since I'm able to empathize with both sides of that coin.

Ele she omdim b'pqaqei tnuah hem frayerim qi lo rokhvim b'ofanayim.
(Those who sit in traffic jams are suckers because they don't ride bicycles)

"Unlike other spiritual goals that we can reach individually, immortality can only be brought about when a critical mass has been achieved and transformation takes place throughout humankind." -KC

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