Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meaningful Juxtapositions

semi-wild felines of the taxi garage
(fed regularly by some of the drivers themselves),
juxtaposed with my old trusty "China Truck Bike,"
with matching background rust (named after 80s Beijing traffic)

my previous employer (in Perth Amboy, NJ)
stopped by to visit but no one was there (a sunday).
still enjoyed juxtaposing speedy yellow with the truck I used to drive
back in 2006, before I got a hack license.
only other job I've had since moving here was bike messaging in Manhattan,
when I was fresh from Florida. It's been a long road, literally.
always delivering something or someone.
even down south I was an organic produce delivery van driver.
adventurous young tourist couple caught trespassing
with 'deplorable intentions' of exploring abandoned, overgrown buildings
at Brooklyn's Navy Yard. i was pedaling home along Flushing Avenue's bike lane
when all of a sudden this patrol car made a crazy u-turn (nearly hitting me)
and drove down the wrong side of the street.
i stayed to watch the cops make them climb back over the tall fence.
her bright red coat and their leisurely approach
(instead of swiftly subtracting street visibility)
is what sadly gave them away


  1. Hey Gil,

    Like the stories of past jobs.

    Hope all is well,


  2. love these fotos!!! xo


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